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Media Resources

Resource Chapter
Crate & Barrel: Gordon Segal 4 | Why Entrepreneurship?
Curve Shifting 21 | A Market Responds: Price and Quantity
Cyanide: an easy but deadly way to catch fish 31 | Environmental Tragedies
Deadweight Loss of Christmas 22 | Economic Surplus
Diane Coyle on GDP 45 | Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Division of Labor: Burgers and Ships 17 | Division of Labor
Do Low-Skilled Immigrants Negatively Impact Wages of Americans? 29 | Competitors are not Bystanders
Do Video Games Cause More Violence - Learn Liberty 44 | Measuring Economies
Does Government Create Jobs 48 | Fiscal Policy
Does the Equilibrium Model Work? | Marginal Revolution University 20 | A Market: Supply and Demand