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Antitrust Law

laws that regulate the conduct and organization of business corporations, generally to promote competition for the benefit of consumers.

Planet Money: Antitrust 3 Big Tech

This is the third episode in our series on antitrust law in America. Our first episode told the story of Ida Tarbell and how her reporting on John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil changed antitrust law in the early 1900s. Our second episode followed the turn that took place in the 1970s in response to Robert Bork's Antitrust Paradox.

Planet Money: Antitrust 2 The Paradox

This is the second episode in our series on the history of competition, big business and antitrust law in America.

Planet Money: Antitrust 1 Standard Oil

Today on the show, we're launching a three part series on antitrust law, one of the most important but least-understood bodies of law in the United States.

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