An  institution  is  a  framework  for  interacting.  Norms,  laws,  and customs  evolve  to help people  know  what  to expect from  each other.

Episode 905: The Chicago Boys I - Planet Money

Chile is one of the wealthiest, most stable economies in South America. But to understand how Chile got here--how it became the envy of neighboring countries --you have to know the story of a group of Chilean students who came to study economics at the University of Chicago. A group that came to be known as the Chicago Boys.

Episode 906: The Chicago Boys, Part II - Planet Money

In the early seventies, Chile, under Marxist President Salvador Allende, was plagued by inflation, shortages, and a crushing deficit. After a violent coup in 1973, the economy became the military's problem.

Episode 505: A Locked Door, A Secret Meeting And The Birth Of The Fed

A 70-year-old man with a bad cold and many mistresses, a nation that's ambivalent about a central bank, and a secret meeting on an island. Today on the show: The origin story of the Federal Reserve.

Trust and Economic Growth

Trust cannot be underrated as an important source of growth and economic development. Here is a look at what we know. Lesson: culture really matters!

The Secret Document That Transformed China: Planet Money

In 1978, a group of farmers in a Chinese village called Xiaogang wrote a secret contract and hid it in the roof of a mud hut.

Episode 731: How Venezuela Imploded

This episode of Planet Money explores the self-inflicted implosion of Venezuela's economy.

Importance of Institutions Brief

The power of institutions illustrated. But what causes institutions? Can we change institutions?

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