Negative Externality

Also known as an external cost, a negative externality is the cost of a transaction paid by third parties who were not consulted, and whose interests weren't accounted for. 

Episode 949: The Pigou Club | Planet Money

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a smog settled over London. It was called the London Fog, or Pea Soup.

The Impact of Big-Box Retailers on Communities, Jobs, Crime, Wages, and More: Research Roundup

This article analyzes data from many studies on the impact of big-box stores.

Externalities - Intelligent Economist

This website is an excellent guide to understanding externalities.

Court Rules Woman Can Keep Her Red and White Striped Townhouse

Judge quashes order to repaint London house, in win for property developer who denied choosing colour scheme out of spite


Cyanide: an easy but deadly way to catch fish

Catching live fish using cyanide is easy. Crush a couple of sodium cyanide tablets into a squeegee bottle of water, dive around a coral reef, find a fish you fancy, and squirt the toxic liquid into its face. The mixture stuns the fish without killing it, making it easy to catch in a net, or even by hand.

Episode 663: Money Trees - Planet Money

When NPR's reporting team traveled deep into the Amazon rain forest to report on the environment, they took planes, a truck, and a motorcycle. Lots of fuel was burned. Lots of carbon was emitted. They felt guilty. In the process of reporting on the environment, were they making the problem worse?

Externalities: When Is a Potato Chip Not Just a Potato Chip?

If Art sells potato chips to Betty, both Art and Betty are happy with the transaction. Betty has chips, and Art has been paid for them.

Externalities | Paul Solman

A brief video covering the concept of externalities.

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