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Positive Externality

 A benefit that is enjoyed by a third-party as a result of an economic transaction.

Externalities - Intelligent Economist

This website is an excellent guide to understanding externalities.

Court Rules Woman Can Keep Her Red and White Striped Townhouse

Judge quashes order to repaint London house, in win for property developer who denied choosing colour scheme out of spite

Ep. 5: A Bee's Invoice: The Hidden Value in Nature | Adrian Grenier

Why should nature be taken into account when looking at the economy as a whole? A Bee's Invoice uncovers and incorporates the hidden value of natural capital in the measurement of our economy.

Orange Blossom Special: Externalities and the Coase Theorem

Mike Munger discusses externalities and orange blossoms.

Externalities: When Is a Potato Chip Not Just a Potato Chip?

If Art sells potato chips to Betty, both Art and Betty are happy with the transaction. Betty has chips, and Art has been paid for them.

Externalities | Paul Solman

A brief video covering the concept of externalities.

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