Value Proposition

A promise of some benefit associated with a market offering. 

Episode 665: The Free Food Market | Planet Money

On today's show: The bold experiment in capitalism that brought together an economist, hundreds of food bank directors from around the country, and, just to spice things up, a socialist.

A Digital Death? Why Kodak Stopped Clicking | NPR

The end could soon be near for Kodak, and the iconic film manufacturer may have itself to blame.

Co-Creation: 5 Examples of Brands Driving Customer-Centric Innovation

Five brands, in particular, stand out for excellence in customer-centric innovation.

Frederick the Great, Potatoes, and the Art of Rebranding

How do we change the way people think about your brand? Back in the 18th century, Frederick II of Prussia (also known as Frederick the Great) was looking for ways to feed his nation and lower the price of bread. He proposed the potato as a suitable new addition to the nation’s diet. But peasants resisted growing it.

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